Retrouvez sur ce Tumblr, diverses images tirées de l'univers de Saint Seiya, plus connu en France sous le nom des célèbres Chevaliers du Zodiaque.

Lundi, mars 3, 2014
Gold Saint Sagittarius Seiya

Gold Saint Sagittarius Seiya

Lundi, décembre 30, 2013
Samedi, décembre 21, 2013
Mercredi, juillet 3, 2013

Saint Seiya Omega - Episode 51

Dimanche, mai 19, 2013


»» [This is absolutely NOT stock material!! It is not for tracing, editing, wild cropping, and renaming!!!!]««

So yeah…1st part~ sorry for the watermarks and low res. :(

Lost Canvas version Hades’ Harem!!! ψ(`∇´)ψ

I started this series in March lol. I am easily bored and distracted, so I didn’t think I could complete this. Plus, RL was …what it was. And still is… lol.

Specters don’t get so much attention, do they? Well…it’s easy to understand when you start drawing their friggin’ winged surplices of doom orz.
I just love and admire Shiori Teshirogi’s work on the chara designs and developments! I mean….I’d cry myself to sleep every night if I had do draw such armors every day@__@

Hmm what else can I say… Oh yeah, I don’t intend to draw all the specters, I only drew my favourite ( yes, I have many favourites, but…)XD

Lundi, avril 22, 2013


Chikyuugi opening.

Dimanche, avril 14, 2013
Vendredi, avril 5, 2013

(Source : indywidualista)

Mercredi, mars 27, 2013


Feliz Cumpleaños, Mu de Aries -  27 Marzo, 2013
Happy Birthday, Aries Mu - March 27, 2013

Samedi, mars 23, 2013
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